Interested in the blog?

This blog is in Swedish, but I have noticed that quite a few viewers come from other countries- some facts:

  • 118 non Swedish hits since May 14, 2016!
  • Recorded hits from 18 different countries!
  • Ten top countries so far: Sweden (1 312 hits), Norway (52), UK (13), USA (12), Finland (8), Denmark (8), Greece (5), Belgium (5), EU (3), Libanon (2)!

For the Nordic countries it is not a big mystery – it is easy to understand Nordic languages  (not Finnish though, but Swedish is an official language in Finland ).

But for the rest of the viewers the question is:  can you understand the blog and if not, are you interested in that? The subjects I write about is lean, systems thinking, leadership and communication.

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Is the blog relevant outside Sweden?

I need some feedback – would it be useful if I made some posts in English?

Please give me some input here or on Facebook (there is a button ”FÖLJ/GILLA BLOGGEN PÅ FACEBOOK” in the blog you can use if you want to reach Facebook).

If I hear nothing I will assume that Swedish is good enough!